Apatin is situated in the north-western part of the spacious plain in Bačka, on the left side of the Danube.
It is in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. Diplomacy and Commerce Apatin tour is designed to bring the ambassadors closer to the beauty and rich history of this municipality.


10:00 Apatin Town Hall
Short introduction to our municipality in the Town Hall, a gem of secessionist architecture.

10:30 Walking Tour of the City Center
Stroll along the main street and Nikola Tesla square. Visit the 18th century Church of the Assumption of Mary, home to the Black Madonna Statue, the only of its kind in Serbia.

11:15 Apatin Brewery
Meet one of the largest and oldest breweries in the region, and try the celebrated Apatin beer.

12:00 Synagogue
Learn about fascinating history of the local Jewish community and its most famous member, under the mysterious ceiling mural that is still puzzling researchers from all over the World.

12:30 Danube Swabian Museum
For two centuries, Apatin was one of the hubs of German community in this part of Europe. This private museum preserves and promotes the cultural and historical heritage of Germans.

13:30 Boat tour on the Danube
See the Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” in the most spectacular way, directly from the river Danube. Find out why this area is dubbed the „Amazon of Europe“.

14:30 Plava Ruža Restaurant
Try the Apatin fish stew, a unique local fishermen specialty.