Maja Gojković, minister of culture and information, Republic of Serbia

HRH Crown Prince Alexander Karađorđević

1st Panel
“Royal Families: Bridges Between Nations and Cultures”

Erald Kapri
, advisor to the Royal Family, a journalist and historian, the author of King Zog’s book “King Zog behind closed doors”, Tirana, Albania

Moderator: Vanja Kovačev, media expert

2nd Panel
Royal Palaces and Residences
Places of History, Culture and Future Connections

Karni Singh Jasol, director – “Mehrangarh Museum Trust”, India
Andrea Merlotti, director of the research center “Savoy Court”, Torino, Italia
Elena Alliaudi, coordinator of the Network of European Royal Residences
Klaus Panholzer
, director of the Schönbrunn Group
Elfriede Iby
, Head of Science Department of Schönbrunn Group
Uros Parezanovic
, Researcher of History Royal Palace, Belgrade
Tamara Ognjevic
, Director of Artis Center, Vice President of NK ICOM Serbia